General Dental Care: Understanding Tooth Decay and Preventive Care

Tooth decay and cavities are one of the most common dental health problems in the world today. Dental decay occurs when bacteria in the mouth make acid which then dissolves the tooth.If cavities are not treated appropriately, it can affect the deeper layers of the teeth, causing infection, toothache, and even loss of teeth. Maintaining […]

It’s Time To Get Yourself A Dental Checkup If…

Generally, dental conditions are not taken seriously as compared to other medical conditions, which demand an immediate attention. As symptoms of certain dental conditions don’t appear early, and does not harm or impact the bodily functions, we tend to ignore or avoid visits to the dental clinic. A survey by the Australian dental association indicates […]

Your Guide on Mouthwash – Types, Materials Used, and Possible Side- Effects

Along with brushing your teeth twice in a day and flossing, mouthwash has become an important part of good oral habits. Rinsing your mouth after every meal or brushing twice a day can protect your teeth and gums against bacteria, responsible for cavity, plaque, gingivitis, and tooth decay. Moreover, mouthwash works against bad breath, and […]

How To Prevent Tooth Decay ?

Tooth decay damages the structure of the tooth. It is also known as dental caries. It is a preventive disease. After eating or drinking, the germs also called plaque in the mouth turns food into acid. This acid over the time destructs tooth surface and creates cavities. If tooth decay left untreated for long times, […]

Factors Affecting Tooth Pulp Infection And Preferred Treatment

The strength of the tooth is more often than not driven by the vitality and health of the pulp. The interwoven structure of nerves, tissues, and blood vessels, is spread from the surface of the tooth to its root. The branch of dentistry that deals in the diagnosis and treatment of disorders associated with the […]

Selecting The Right Toothpaste

Regarding selection of toothpaste, different people have different choices. Some people select toothpaste that their family uses from years while some people choose according to their budget. Many people believe in changing their toothpaste more often for taste and flavor. Only a few percentages of people in the world select the right kind of toothpaste […]

Dental Plaque – Causes, Symptoms And Preventive Measures

Plaque is a condition in which sticky white substance accumulates, consisting of bacteria and germs, on the teeth. In this condition, a gelatinous component becomes the reason for thriving and breading of oral bacteria and it also promotes production of tooth-decaying acids over time, the plaque transforms into a hard tartar with an improved potential […]

Endodontic Treatment Process

Endodontic treatment is more prominently called as root canal, which is performed when the nerve of a tooth gets infected and the patient wishes to keep the tooth. If the root canal is not preformed, dentists would have to remove the teeth with infected nerve systems. Just to save an infected teeth, root canal is […]