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Lingual Braces

If you have crooked, misaligned or badly angled front teeth, lingual braces can get you the perfect smile. Unlike other types of braces, lingual braces are bonded behind the teeth, and people will never know that you have braces!! These are a special type of metal braces, typically made of stainless steel or titanium, which are placed behind the teeth to provide a cosmetic and aesthetic appeal. So, when you smile or talk, your braces remain invisible while doing their work effectively.

One of the key benefits of lingual braces is its aesthetic appeal, i.e. no one will know that you have braces. Moreover, being metal braces, these are typically strong and can easily withstand the daily chores of life. Besides, they are most effective in straightening even the worst aligned teeth or wrong angles. These are designed to efficiently bond behind the teeth, while providing good comfort and convenience to your mouth. However, it is important to regularly floss your mouth to keep the braces clean and stain-free.


  • All the benefits associated with metal braces
  • Enhanced aesthetic impact; others cannot notice your braces unless they look inside the mouth


  • More expensive than traditional braces since treatment is specialized
  • They may initially hurt your tongue, making it difficult to speak
  • The orthodontist has to be specially trained for lingual treatment
  • Treatment may last longer than metal brackets
  • Lingual braces may not be suitable for certain types of orthodontic treatment.