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Family Dental Care For Complete Oral Hygiene Of Your Family

When it comes to family dentistry Melbourne, we offer quality family dental care, from children to seniors. Crucial to our general well being, good dental health is what we help you gain. As reliable family dentists in Melbourne, the Monash Dental Group boasts of such experienced dentists that are adept at taking care of the whole family.

We have been the dentists for families in Melbourne for a very long time now, we know how to treat patients of different age groups. At Monash Dental Group, children will feel at home and happy with our quality orthodontic treatment. And if you are a parent of an 5 (or more) year old, it is time you paid us a visit for an early diagnosis. Just remember, cavities (occurring almost 8 times as much as asthma) are the most common chronic disease that children have to go through, but early diagnosis and treatment can stop that from happening. What’s worse, poor oral health is linked to heart disease and diabetes at a later age. The good news for us is that almost all kinds of oral diseases and dental issues are preventable and curable. So pay us a visit before it’s too late, our family dental group will take care of everything.

The Monash Dental Group is a great family dental clinic for adults and seniors, too. You should understand that as our teeth age as we age and so dental care needs change. Typically, seniors are the ones who require restorative dental care, for example, bridges, fillings, dentures and implants etc. As a family dental center based in Melbourne, the Monash Dental Group has years of experience in providing the highest quality family dental service.

As a family dentist , we pride ourselves on helping hundreds of families in Melbourne enhance their facial beauty and maintain optimal oral health. With the goal to provide our patients excellence in family dental care, we make every effort to build a rapport with every patient. Comprised of a team of experienced dentists, the Monash Dental Group provides exceptional dental care to seniors, adults, children and infants. We are also equipped with the latest technology and clinical techniques that get your teeth fixed with minimal fuss.

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Among other dental services for families, we offer services like:

  • General and emergency dental care
  • Cosmetic dentistry
  • Children dentistry
  • Wisdom teeth
  • Teeth whitening
  • Restorative dental services, such as crown, bridges.
  • Root canal Treatment
  • Periodontics

Practicing family dentistry in Melbourne for many years, we have stringent infection control that help us deliver the best and safest family dental care. For all the “cowards” and anxious patients in your family, we have our friendly dentists systems ready so that your visit to our family dental clinic gets very pleasant and comfortable. Give us a ring and help us help you have the smile you deserve. We also provide our patients dental advice on how to maintain proper oral hygiene so as to stay away from bad breath, dental cavities and gingivitis.