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Preventative Dentistry

The Monash Dental Group provides preventative dentistry to the patients so that they can avoid dental diseases, such as tooth decay and periodontal disease. However, preventative dental care is possible to deliver only when you visit us on a regular basis, say once or twice every six months. Our dentists will check your oral health and conduct scaling and polishing of your teeth, and will advise you on how to best keep your teeth healthy and prevent diseases. Remember, you could prevent serious ailments for you and your family just by taking our preventive dental care. Regular preventative dental exams such as x-rays and cleaning are advocated by our dentists. We recommend everyone that whenever they feel any minor pain in their teeth, they should not delay visiting a preventative dentist until something serious occurs.

We spend an unnecessary amount of money on things that last for a few weeks; shouldn’t we spend on something that goes a long way? For example, getting your teeth professionally cleaned two or three times a year does not cost too much, yet it can prevent gum disease and tooth decay. The total cost of preventative dental care is minimal compared to what major dental treatments cost. If you are worried that visiting the Monash Dental Group on a regular basis is going to be a huge waste of time that you cannot afford, let us make it clear that a procedure of preventive dentistry is fast and simple.

From a range of prevention dental services we offer, you could choose:

  • Evaluation of gum health, and the possibility of reversible and destructive gum disease
  • Solutions to periodontal issues.
  • Teaching oral hygiene techniques
  • Teeth scaling and polishing
  • Fluoride (the best decay prevention agent) application.
  • Tooth Mousse

Infection and swelling can easily be prevented by regular checkups and maintenance schedules with the Monash Dental Group. The preventative dentistry we foster here is aimed to reduce required dental restorations. The simple process of our preventive dental procedures will make sure that you keep the vibrant and beautiful smile all through your life. Though we recommend that preventive dental care should start as early as at the age of 6, young adults, adults and seniors should not think it is too late. Though the sooner, the better. Regular checkups along with everyday oral hygiene techniques suggested by our dentists will surely prevent oral diseases.

Committed to preventing dental decay and gum disease, the Monash Dental Group has been providing comprehensive preventative dentistry services for a very long time. Our preventative dental care services are tailored to different age groups, so you should bring your whole family and sow the good habit of oral care. For appointments, please feel free to ring us at 03 9544 8241.

Remember prevention is always better than intervention