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Ceramic Braces

Unlike metal braces, which are clearly visible, ceramic braces are a better choice, which are made of composite materials and are generally, transparent. There are varying levels of transparency to match the natural color of your teeth. Thoroughly translucent ceramic braces, or clear braces, are fast gaining huge popularity because they blend with the color of teeth and are cosmetically unnoticeable, and that they do not stain. Clear ceramics are usually made of ceramic alloys, which are transparent in nature.

The key benefit of ceramic braces is its cosmetic and aesthetic appeal. Another advantage is that such brackets do not stain over daily interactions. At the same time, ceramic braces provide good fit and does not cause any inconvenience as such. Despite being a little more expensive than metal braces, these are very effective in straightening wrongly angled or misaligned teeth, giving you that perfect smile. For ceramic brackets, it is important to avoid any hard food or biting directly on any fruit or vegetable. Clean and floss your teeth regularly to prevent staining of elastic wires that hold the brackets.


  • Ceramic braces blend perfectly with most teeth colors. They are hardly noticeable
  • They tend to irritate your gums lesser and many people feel comfortable with ceramic than metal
  • When bonded with plasma light, they are very strong and stays long


  • These are typically more expensive than metal braces
  • From an aesthetic point of view, they are little larger than other types of brackets
  • Treatment may take several months to come up with effective results
  • If you have severe teeth and gum problems, ceramic braces may not be recommended because they are not strong enough to withstand certain types of treatments