Invisalign Post-Care Tips

After you’ve got your Invisalign aligners, you need to follow a prescribed set of procedures to ensure a successful treatment.To make sure you derive 100% benefit from your aligners, here are some of the most important tips on wearing and caring for them. The Correct Way of Wearing the Aligners In order for Invisalign to […]

Orthodontic Treatment and Associated Risks

Orthodontic treatment is a part of broad dental health care plan focusing on aligning your teeth and bite. It is the procedure of aligning your teeth so that they mesh well with the teeth in the opposite side of your jaw. Having a good bite improves appearance and makes it easier to chew, bite, and […]

Life After Braces : Oral Care and Precautions to Follow

For many people life becomes boring and compels you to go in hiding when you wear braces as your mouth becomes full of metal not allowing you to have a pleasant smile. Now-a-days you can wear braces of different shapes, material and colors. Now the typical gray color has gone obsolete and can add personality […]

Dental Braces 101: All You Need To Know About Braces

During our consultation with patients who need braces, we have discovered many doubts and myths, which patients have about braces. The below post will highlight important questions and its answers, with the purpose of equipping you with improved and precise sknowledge about braces. What is the right age for children to visit an Orthodontist? At […]

Invisalign – Structure, Procedure, Benefits And Precautions

Invisalign – Straighten Teeth Invisibly Invisalign is a transparent dental appliance used as a substitute to the metal brackets of conventional braces. These plastic aligners are meant for people who desire an aligned set of teeth. Invisalign is probably the most widely used traditional braces substitute in the cosmetic dentistry because of the results of […]

Orthodontics for Kids – What Parents Should Know?

Now a days it is a general feature to see school kids sporting braces, as some orthodontic treatments may start at a young age. Over the time with new technologies and treatment strategies are making braces perform more proficiently while offering the patient increased options how they look during treatment. There are some basic orthodontic […]

Inman Aligner – Know The Ins And Outs

Since years Inman aligner has been around to cure the problem associated with dental alignment. It is an orthodontic appliance easily removable and can help to pre-align teeth before undergoing any other cosmetic options. This appliance is made of Nickel Titanium coil having spring attached with two aligner bows opposing each other, gently pushing the […]

Anatomy Of Rapid Palatal Expander

A Rapid Palatal Expander (RPE) is a structure fixed on the upper jaw of the mouth with an objective to expand the maxilla (upper jaw) wider. It is an appliance used in advanced orthodontic treatment for creating space between the upper jaw line lines. It is used to correct cross bites by developing space. Who […]

Things To Know About Dental Retainers

Retainers are facilitated to hold the teeth in place once the braces are removed. It requires time for your teeth to adjust with the new setting of teeth. Retainer supports your teeth from moving from its position. Some retainers could be removable, and others could be fixed behind your teeth. Coming to the material – […]

What You Need to Know About Orthodontics Treatment ?

Orthodontics is a dentistry branch correcting teeth and jaws that happened to find a place in wrong locations. Crooked teeth or any other those teeth that are not adjusted properly are difficult to clean and are always at a higher risk of shedding early due to contaminant and tooth decay. It leads to additional stress […]