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Five Steps Procedure To Give You The Smile Of Your Dream

Your smile reflects your personality! Want to improve your personality – smile? We can help! Our cosmetic dentist are specialist in transforming your bleak smile into a million dollar smile. Curious to know how? We rely on stringent five steps checklist that allows you to go through metamorphoses of smile.

Steps for beautiful smile

Stage 1: Initial Diagnosis

Your initial visit to our clinic would be greeted with a proper diagnosis of your dental status – its healthy and unhealthy perspectives! The right and professional diagnosis of your dental condition is imperative for best and most suitable treatment required for a great smile. We ensure your orthodontic condition is appropriately diagnosed and explained to you leveraging best appliance and exemplifications. It may require some x-rays, tests, and photographs of your teeth, which will give a complete picture of your dental status, enabling us to take further course of action towards improving your smile.

Stage 2: Orthodontic Evaluation and Suggestions

After initial diagnosis of your dental condition and other associated conditions, our expert orthodontist will study your dental medical history, present condition and the required treatment. After serious analysis and evaluation of all these aspects they will come up with the best suggestion in the light of their experience and expertise that can improve your smile. This process may include rigorous brainstorming of best treatments i.e., tooth restoration, corrective jaw surgery, tooth whitening, coloring, cleaning, etc. in your presence. This evaluation and counseling helps you reach the best possible treatment, given your dental condition and budgetary constraints.

Stage 3: Tooth Repair & Restoration

Tooth restoration or repair is one of our treatment options that are often recommended depending on the individual need and dental health. Our expert team of Cosmetic dentists will suggest you to opt for tooth restoration, which may include crown, cap, implant, if your dental condition warrants for this treatment. All these procedures will improve your dental layout along with your smile, offering your overall personality a new and fresh look and feel, adding value to it.

Stage 4: Whitening, Color Filling, Cleaning

Discolored and yellow teeth are becoming a common feature given our eating habits and lifestyles. We, at Monash Dental Group, offers a new and pearly white set of teeth in sync with your personality and adding glamour and elegance to your countenance. Our highly qualified and experienced team of Melbourne cosmetic dentist, well versed with dentist approved whitening processes, use tailor-made trays developed from models of your teeth. Our at home procedure can whiten your teeth offering a bright, vibrant and pearly smile. Our filling and clearing process gives your teeth a natural and new look!

Stage 5: Precaution and Maintenance

We not only offer quality dental services to our valued clients but also suggest and guide them through the best precautions and maintenance to be followed for desired results. Our suggestions and precautionary measures, if complied with, can yield the best dividends enabling you flashing a healthy and fascinating smile forever!

Our professional and friendly Cosmetic dentists and orthodontists have tons of experience, offer best and quality dental services leveraging the latest appliances and devices for the purpose. Contact us now! We would be delighted to understand your dental woe and deliver the best services!