Taking Care Of Your Kids Teeth At Different Ages

Children are prone to tooth decay starting at a very early age due to their craving for candies and various other sweets that are sticky and adhere to their teeth, and their inability to care for their teeth themselves. Cavities, which result from tooth decay caused by bacteria containing plaque, begin as early as three […]

Bad Oral Hygiene Habits In Kids

Children, being innocent and unaware, often develop many detrimental dental habits leading to many serious dental conditions in future. The bad dental habits in kids may result in cavities, plaque, toothache, or crooked teeth during an early age. Getting rid of any dental condition is really a daunting task for parents as well as children […]

How To Maintain Space For Premature Tooth Lost In Kids

In addition to chewing, baby teeth are also instrumental in serving as a guide to the permanent teeth that are about to erupt over time. Each baby tooth works as a guide and if the baby teeth are lost prematurely, the major cause of baby teeth gets frustrated leading to the wrong positioning of the […]

Preventive Dental Care For Your Kids

Preventive dental care plays an important role in the overall oral health of your child. The beginning of tooth decay leads to a number of problems including oral health that affects overall health. Hence, preventive dental care for your kids is very important to consider right from the appearance of your kid’s first teeth. What […]

Reasons For Earlier Tooth Lost In Kids And Appropriate Solutions

In children, the primary sets of teeth start losing around the age of six years. Normally children lost their baby teeth during age group of six to twelve years. Many children in the world are suffering from premature tooth loss due to different reasons such as dental caries, trauma, injuries, or other diseases. Periodontal disease, […]

Fluoride And Sugar, Impact And Effect On Your Kids Teeth Health

Nowadays, even though numbers of advertising and dental awareness camps are organized by dentists or toothpaste companies or some dental health organizations, many people across the world don’t know even basic information about how to take dental care of their children. In overall good health of your child, teeth heath plays a major role. It […]

Most Witnessed Dental Problem in Kids, Age Between 5-15

In a human being, there are two sets of teeth in which the first is a baby or primary teeth while the other is permanent or secondary teeth. In kids, teeth will start appearing around age of 6 to 8 months and at age of 3 , all 20 teeth take place. While permanent teeth […]