Dental Braces 101: All You Need To Know About Braces

During our consultation with patients who need braces, we have discovered many doubts and myths, which patients have about braces. The below post will highlight important questions and its answers, with the purpose of equipping you with improved and precise sknowledge about braces. What is the right age for children to visit an Orthodontist? At […]

Wisdom Tooth Removal – Know the Facts

When a surgery is performed to extract one or more wisdom tooth it’s called wisdom tooth extraction. The wisdom teeth are four adult teeth that erupt at the back ends of your mouth on the upper and lower jaw lines. If there is scarcity of place for wisdom tooth to erupt through the gum it […]

Risks Associated And Best Strategy For Root Canal Treatment During Pregnancy

Root canal procedure cannot be performed without administering local anesthesia, the drug used to make the tooth and surrounding area insensitive. Some specific anesthetics have been recommended and approved by the FDA in case the patient undergoing the root canal treatment is pregnant women. Practically, they are typically administered in all dental offices. The root […]

Five Steps Procedure To Give You The Smile Of Your Dream

Your smile reflects your personality! Want to improve your personality – smile? We can help! Our cosmetic dentist are specialist in transforming your bleak smile into a million dollar smile. Curious to know how? We rely on stringent five steps checklist that allows you to go through metamorphoses of smile. Stage 1: Initial Diagnosis Your […]

Invisalign – Structure, Procedure, Benefits And Precautions

Invisalign – Straighten Teeth Invisibly Invisalign is a transparent dental appliance used as a substitute to the metal brackets of conventional braces. These plastic aligners are meant for people who desire an aligned set of teeth. Invisalign is probably the most widely used traditional braces substitute in the cosmetic dentistry because of the results of […]

All Possible Conditions That Demands for Tooth Extraction

Tooth extraction is the dental procedure for tooth removal from a socket in the jaw bone. There are several situations or reasons when a person needs help of dental surgeon for tooth extraction. Normally, people need to remove a tooth due to major damage in the tooth such as broken teeth, excessive tooth decay, periodontal […]

Myths And Facts About Root Canal Treatment

Root canal therapy – a term most feared by majority of people suffering from dental trauma. Is it really that horrible? As per a survey done by the American Association of Endodontists, it was discovered that most people, who are terribly panicked with this procedure, attribute their cause of fear to someone else’s experiences, not […]

Lumineers- – Know Procedure, Benefits And Precautions

Lumineers are very thin, custom-made dental veneers. Lumineers entirely eliminate the issues caused by traditional veneers. Lumineers are made with ceramic and porcelain material. Veneers are a thin case of teeth required to be placed on the oval of natural teeth. Whereas lumineers snug fit over the surface of your tooth to rectify the appearance […]

How To Prevent Tooth Decay ?

Tooth decay damages the structure of the tooth. It is also known as dental caries. It is a preventive disease. After eating or drinking, the germs also called plaque in the mouth turns food into acid. This acid over the time destructs tooth surface and creates cavities. If tooth decay left untreated for long times, […]

Preventive Dental Care For Your Kids

Preventive dental care plays an important role in the overall oral health of your child. The beginning of tooth decay leads to a number of problems including oral health that affects overall health. Hence, preventive dental care for your kids is very important to consider right from the appearance of your kid’s first teeth. What […]