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Selecting The Right Toothpaste

Regarding selection of toothpaste, different people have different choices. Some people select toothpaste that their family uses from years while some people choose according to their budget. Many people believe in changing their toothpaste more often for taste and flavor. Only a few percentages of people in the world select the right kind of toothpaste by considering the importance of Preventive Dentistry. Brushing teeth twice in a day using the right toothpaste is equally important as other factors such as proper hygiene habits, good nutritious diet, and regular visit to a dentist for overall dental health.


Know about your Toothpaste

  • Toothpastes are available in different forms such as paste, gels or powder with a few different ingredients.
  • You will find flavoring in mostly all toothpastes which is artificial sweeteners such as saccharin to add flavor. Some kind of flavors includes mint, bubble gum, lemon-lime, cinnamon, etc.
  • Toothpaste contains abrasive agents which are scratchy material useful to remove bacteria, plaque, stains and food from the teeth. The abrasive agents comprise silicates and calcium carbonate.
  • Seaweeds, gum and synthetic cellulose use in toothpaste for good texture and a uniform appearance.
  • To build resistance against tooth decay, fluoride is used to strengthen it.
  • For moisture retention, humectant such as glycerol is used in gel or paste to prevent it from drying.
  • Detergents such as sodium lauryl sulfate are used to make toothpaste foamy.

It is also said that in teeth cleaning, the way you clean teeth using a proper toothbrush plays a major role than the use of toothpaste.

Types of Toothpastes

Fluoride Toothpaste – Fluoride is an essential ingredient in toothpaste. It is a mineral available in water and other forms. It reduces cavities and tooth decay. It helps in preventing teeth and strengthens the tooth enamel. There are many areas in which fluoride is available in natural form in water. It is beneficial to use fluoride toothpaste for adults for good health of teeth. Use of fluoride based toothpaste is also endorsed by WHO (World Health Organization) for the oral health.

Sensitive Toothpastes – People who have sensitive teeth means they feel irritated while eating cold or hot foods or drinks, sensitive toothpastes gives them relief. It contains potassium nitrate that helps in relive pain for a few weeks. Such toothpastes block sensitive root through teeth attached to nerves to diminish tooth sensitivity. There are different brands of toothpastes available in the market with different sensitivity levels.

Tartar Control Toothpaste – Such toothpaste contains fluoride and useful for people having tartar problems. The layer of bacteria on teeth is known as plaque. It gets hardens and if not removed then it converts in tartar. It builds up on teeth under the gums and becomes hard to remove which may cause gum disease. It can remove by professional dental cleaning and not only by brushing. Tartar control toothpaste helps to control forming tartar as well as cavities. Toothpastes that comprise multiple anti-plaque agents are considered as the best for preventive oral care.

Kids Toothpaste – For selecting toothpaste for children, lower fluoridated concentration toothpaste becomes more beneficial. For kids, it is essential to take care while brushing their teeth because many children swallow toothpaste that may cause fluorosis. Fluorosis makes staining and demineralization of tooth bone and enamel. Fluoride toothpaste of adults becomes harmful for children if they have a tendency to swallow daily. Hence, for children under age of six years, it is advisable to check for fluoride concentration in toothpaste rather than opting for sweet flavored or attractive packing.

Whitening Toothpaste – Such toothpaste helps in whitening teeth and brightens smiles. It helps in removing teeth’s stain and make teeth brighter. Many teeth whitening toothpastes contain harsh abrasive to remove stain initially but at a later stage it makes the yellow appearance of teeth.

Tips for Selecting The Right One

  • Select ADA approved toothpaste. ADA approved toothpastes are helpful as toothpaste with the ADA seal contain fluoride and have been verified for effectiveness and safety essential for preventive dental care.
  • Be aware about some toothpaste that contains toxic substances.
  • If you have any periodontal problems, select toothpaste as prescribed by your dentist only.

Select the quality toothpaste as a prudent step towards Preventive dental care rather than giving preference to taste and flavor.