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It’s Time To Get Yourself A Dental Checkup If…

Generally, dental conditions are not taken seriously as compared to other medical conditions, which demand an immediate attention. As symptoms of certain dental conditions don’t appear early, and does not harm or impact the bodily functions, we tend to ignore or avoid visits to the dental clinic.

A survey by the Australian dental association indicates that 50-60% of Australians are suffering from cavity or periodontal issues. Whenever you observe any tooth or gum related symptom, you should immediately pay a visit to your dentist for a basic evaluation. If any dental disease is growing in your mouth, it would be instantly curbed to avoid further damage to your oral hygiene and health. Let’s quickly review the different conditions which require consulting a dentist


If You Feel Pain While Eating Hot Foods or Drinking Cold Beverages

Do you feel a gnawing pain in your mouth, when you chew a hot bagel or sip ice-cold long island tea? If yes, then these are the signs of tooth sensitivity. Your teeth become sensitive, due to a poor diet, improper brushing, or an oral disease. These factors damage your tooth enamel, or the inner tooth surface, or the root gets exposed, and you feel unbearable tooth ache, while consuming hot foods and cool drinks. If the problem is left unattended it escalates, and you experience; more and often bouts of pain. However, if you visit your dentist immediately, he/she will prescribe you a special toothpaste or gel; designed for sensitive teeth, which will facilitate in healing your teeth and gums.

In situations like a fractured tooth or a tooth undergone the root canal treatment, but lacks a crown, experiencing a tooth ache is common, and you will need to undergo a dental filling or a crown treatment.

Bleeding while Brushing and Chewing

Gum swallowing, redness and bleeding gums are the initial symptoms of the various periodontal diseases that are caused by genetic problems, bad oral hygiene and as a result of bacterial infection on the gum line. Whenever you observe such a symptom, you need to visit your dentist and let him diagnose the issue and suggest the best solution for it.

Generally, tartar and plaque are responsible for bacterial infection which can be avoided by teeth cleaning at the dental office. Other than periodontal disease, brushing hardly and excessive gum recession can also cause bleeding.
For girls, conditions like pregnancy and menopause impacts highly on genetically production and it is observed as a key factor for periodontal issue.

Bad Breathe even when Brushing Regularly

Even after following good habits like brushing twice in a day, flossing and using non-alcoholic mouthwash liquid, you have a bad breath, there might be a problem of tooth decay or gum disease.

Don’t adopt temporary solutions like mouth spray or frequent use of mouthwash for hiding it, must consult with your dentist for proper diagnosis of the problem and remove it from its root.

Dark Spots on Teeth or Stained Teeth

Stained teeth or dark spots are a matter of cosmetic pride rather than oral health. Habits like smoking, drinking, and improper diet leads to stained teeth. When these habits are regular, teeth whitening every time isn’t the best solution. Instead, you should ask your dentist about using certain products or special toothpaste, which contain ingredients to fight against such causes of stained teeth, while your habit is in force.. After all, who doesn’t want to flash those pearly whites for a more charming personality?

Fluoride treatment is effective for different oral challenges like tooth sensitivity, tooth decay, and post the teeth whitening procedure. But, sometimes excessive consumption of fluoride can cause dark spots on the teeth. Parents can avoid the dark spots on their children’s teeth, by presiding over their brushing routine. During brushing, parents should ensure their children are not swallowing the toothpaste or drinking the mouthwash.

In any of the conditions explained above, instead of avoiding a visit to the dentist, you should immediately get a dental check up to prevent the spread of an oral disease, and keep your pearly whites in top condition.