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Dental Plaque – Causes, Symptoms And Preventive Measures

Plaque is a condition in which sticky white substance accumulates, consisting of bacteria and germs, on the teeth. In this condition, a gelatinous component becomes the reason for thriving and breading of oral bacteria and it also promotes production of tooth-decaying acids over time, the plaque transforms into a hard tartar with an improved potential to make further damage to the teeth.

Dental Plaque

The bacteria in tooth plaque have the potential to secret acids to damage your tooth enamel. Continuous acid assaults on enamel can cause cavities in teeth. If plaque is not cleaned on regular basis it may become stringent to become calculus on your teeth.

Cause of Dental Plaque

Cause of plaque is several, which you have been hearing since prior to losing your baby teeth. The six most prominent causes are mentioned as under:

Not Brushing Daily

If you can brush your teeth softly two times a day you can keep away from dental plaque but it has been noticed that most of us do not follow this time-tested routine. You must brush your teeth with toothpaste having fluoride two times regularly to avoid plaque formation.

Not Flossing Regularly

Bristles of your brush often do not reach some very remote parts of your teeth, breading plaque there. These are spaces between teeth are most are vulnerable. Regular flossing can remove plaque from the teeth formed between the teeth and protects your teeth from getting further damage.

Not Rinsing Teeth Properly

Rinsing your mouth with fluoride liquid can also protect your teeth from decay. This rinsing habit reduces gingivitis, bad breath and plaque. Don’t rely just on any mouth wash ensure that your mouth wash has antimicrobial or a fluoride properties.

Avoiding the Dentist

Even after brushing and flossing regularly, you may miss some plaque. With the passing time, these plaques stiffen to become tartar that requires medical involvement to be removed. But the survey proclaims that more than a third of people do not visit their dentist in a year.

It is advisable to clean your teeth at least once a year by a professional Melbourne dentist. Twice a year is much better for many people.

Neglecting Natural Toothbrushes

When there were no toothbrushes and fluoride toothpaste were not invented, there were certain foods that acted like natural tooth brush avoiding plaque off the teeth. These include crunchy vegetables or fruits with great amount of fiber including its skin to scrub off plaque, i.e. carrots, cucumbers, apples, and some other raw vegetables and fruits. They were all teeth-friendly, in spite of containing sugar. We should never neglect such nature toothbrushes.

Eating Sugary Food

Carbohydrates like sugar are the breading component for bacteria. Consuming sugar based soft drinks and candy often sticks within our teeth inviting bacteria for a feast. Keeping your teeth plaque free is impossible for anyone throughout the day but taking maximum care can keep your teeth healthy and beat plaque thus saving your smile.

Plaque Symptoms

Symptoms of plaque are difficult to notice on the teeth as it is colorless. Albeit, it can result in a variety of dental problems which may include:

  • Dark red or red-purple spots to gums
  • Bleeding gums
  • Tender gums on touching
  • Sour mouth
  • Swollen gums
  • Loose tooth
  • Painful teeth
  • Sour or bitter mouth taste
  • Bad breath

How Plaque Be Prevented?

  • Brush your teeth minimum twice a day with a rounded-tip bristled toothbrush. Ensure that you reach the meeting point of gums and teeth. Let the toothpaste contain fluoride.
  • Practice floss between teeth minimum once a day to remove food particles and any bacteria.
  • Visit dentist or oral hygienist at least once in 6 months for teeth cleaning and thorough dental check-up.
  • Just ensure from your dentist if you are in need of dental sealant. It is thin, plastic layer applied on the chewing surfaces of teeth for protecting them from decay and cavities.
  • Have a balanced diet and avoid munching habit. Even if you want to eat snack opt out for plain yogurt, fruit, cheese, or raw vegetables.
  • Relying on antibacterial mouth rinse is also good for getting rid of bacteria that may lead to plaque and often gum disease.

Your teeth are the only source of the healthy and pearly smile. If it emits bad smells or is discolored and full of plaque – chances are you may lose some of your pearly teeth. Beware never avoid the above discussed precautions and the signs of dental plaque. You will own a blissful and beautify set of teeth, flashing million dollar smile! The choice is yours!