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A Connection Between Periodontal And Other Diseases

After many years of research by dentists, periodontists and physicians, with specialisation in medicine and their respective domains, have concluded a connection of periodontics and other diseases. There are significant findings opinionated the connection between periodontal disease and other systemic diseases such as type 2 diabetes mellitus, heart diseases, respiratory disease, adverse pregnancy outcomes osteoporosis, cancer, etc. This strong evidence may give new direction ato researchers to improve periodontal infection treatment more precisely that also amend other systemic diseases.

Periodontal Disease

Stroke – There are a linked between periodontal disease and stroke. Studies indicate the link of oral infection become also a reason for stroke. People suffering from severe cerebrovascular ischemia were diagnosed with an oral infection by researchers.

Heart Diseases – Although it is yet not proved, but according to research people with periodontal diseases may have more risk of heart disease. Studies have specified that severe periodontal problems are linked to increase in risk of around 25 to 90% of cardiovascular disease (CVD). According to one study approximately 90% patients having CVD verified medium to severe periodontal problems, while 66% patient with good cardiological health had Periodontic problems. The same study has suggested a connection between periodontal and coronary artery disease.

Osteoporosis – In osteoporosis disease, the reduction in mineral density of bone can increase risk of fracture. It may also reduce bone density of teeth that cause loss of teeth.

Premature Births — a pregnant woman having gum disease possibly suffers from premature delivery with low birth weight baby. According to one research around 18% of premature babies with low-birth-weight was linked with gum disease problem of their mother.

Cancer – Research shown results that people with gum diseases were at 30% more risk to develop blood cancers, 54% to develop pancreatic cancer, and 49% to develop kidney cancer.

Diabetes – Diabetic patient having periodontal disease may have problems controlling their blood sugar that cause diabetic complications. There are more possibilities to have periodontal disease in diabetic people compare to non-diabetic people. It may possibly due to the reason that diabetes are at more risk for contracting infections. Hence, periodontal disease is considered as a major complication for diabetic patients.

Respiratory Disease — According to research, gum disease may cause more risk for patients with lung problems. Moreover, lung infection may result of gum disease as from the mouth bacteria reach the lungs and affects it. Oral cavity may reason for many respiratory diseases such as pneumonia in people suffering from periodontal disease.

The main reason of periodontal disease is the bacteria in plaque. Research has shown a connection between the periodontal disease and other diseases but few more reasons that cause periodontal disease are crowded or misaligned teeth, braces, genes, grinding, the use of tobacco or smoking, medicines, poor nutrition and hormone fluctuation. If you have such a habit or facing one of the issues explained above, it is recommended to consult with a Melbourne Periodontist to have preventive care for neglecting the impact caused by any other disease explained above.

Therefore, it is highly recommended that proper dental care and regular check-up is equally essential as your concern for other diseases. People always avoid their dental problems and go to the dentist only if their pain is unbearable. Hence, be careful for your dental health for healthy living.