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Trends of Cosmetic Dental Surgery

Understanding Cosmetic Dental Surgery

Cosmetic dental surgery involves those dental procedures that catapult the overall cosmetic look of your demeanor, especially your facial appearance. A beautiful million dollar smile can directly influence your self-confidence along with your professional and personal relationships. Cosmetic dentistry has now broadened its horizon and now have permeated into the lives of common man too, which was earlier only accessible to celebrities and royals!

Given this trend, it’s time now to discover a new you! You should embrace 2013 with a fabulous set of pearly smile! Your teeth play a great role in defining your personality as a whole! There are so many things that you can do for keeping your teeth shining, pearly and of course healthy too!

Trends in Cosmetic Dental Surgery

Technological advancements in the science of natural appearing tooth-colored dental components have made today’s cosmetic dental treatments more comfortable, long lasting and predictable than ever before. In addition, today dentists are relying on traditional cosmetic dentistry techniques to preserve most of the natural luster of your tooth structure, depending on your particular clinical condition.Cosmetic Dental Surgery

Here are the most revolutionary trends that this industry is heading towards:

Inlays/Onlays : Trend of metal fillings is no more in existence. Inlays and onlays are the new procedure taken place of metal fillings. In this technique porcelain or some different composite substance is used for a durable and long lasting filling to fix teeth decay or any other structural harm done to your teeth. Porcelain (ceramic element) offers a filling content of similar color similar as that of your teeth thus flashing a more natural and pearly smile. This material does not go discolor like other resin fillings. Apart from consolidating your teeth, it also offers a befitting option compared to full-coverage dentures.

Composite Bonding : This dental restoration technique brings back the lost glory through direct or indirect composite bonding. This trend of bonding help repair broken, chipped, discolored teeth along with tooth ruined due to decay. It permanently fixes dental materials i.e. enamel and dentin to the teeth, making your teeth bonding last for longer and at the same time look perfect without appearing fake.

Teeth Whitening : White teeth have always been the trend for years and this is why teeth whitening is considered as a popular cosmetic dentistry process. Now-a-days the hi-tech teeth whitening procedures have intensified the bleaching process, offering a set of stunning white teeth easily without long treatment. The most trendy and novel techniques are tooth whitening procedures, which are executed using cleansers having hydrogen peroxide with shaped laser light. Zoom tooth whitening is yet another most promising and primary innovations making the rounds in this sector.

Veneers : This procedure of cosmetic dental surgery can act as panacea to several dental troubles. It can be facilitated for teeth whitening, straightening and for damaged and chipped teeth. It can be accepted as 4 in all solution to all your dental problems.

Wrinkle Relaxers : Have you ever thought your dentist can enable you defy aging? Do you know we use the muscles around our mouth very frequently due to which they develop wrinkles faster. All these wrinkles can be countered by using injectables, containing proteins from naturally found bacteria to smooth your facial muscles. This trend keeps coming and going frequently giving you smile that never loses its grace.

Dental Implants : This involves artificial tooth root replacements used as a part of artificial replacement dentistry with an aim to compensate tooth loss. The result is an enhanced smile, more youthful and refreshing appearance, warding off the collapsing of your face due to missing teeth, making you look older.

Smile Makeover : It encompasses an extensive analysis of your smile esthetics with an objective to improve its overall look. In this process one or multiple cosmetic dental surgeries for instance dental veneers, gingival sculpting, dental implants, and teeth whitening, are preformed for several teeth in upper and lower layers to acquire the desired look.

Full Mouth Reconstruction : There could be occasions when you would require a full mouth reconstruction to correct functional troubles with your mouth muscles, bite, teeth and bone structure. This too can be done and often people opt for this specific technique to offer an enhanced appearance to their facial outlook.

Gum Lift : This is yet another latest technique, helping you overcome decayed teeth and it also enabling you through off your gummy smile. In this process the gum line gets back and the structure of the teeth is cemented. Such type of process is also termed as crown lengthening.


Cosmetic dental surgery is packed with several options for individuals who are not happy with their smile and facial appearances. If you also harbor the same notion, have a better overview of the above discussed trends and procedures popular these days to opt one for you, suiting your dental condition to beautify your smile.