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All Possible Conditions That Demands for Tooth Extraction

Tooth extraction is the dental procedure for tooth removal from a socket in the jaw bone. There are several situations or reasons when a person needs help of dental surgeon for tooth extraction. Normally, people need to remove a tooth due to major damage in the tooth such as broken teeth, excessive tooth decay, periodontal disease, crowded teeth, fractured or cracked teeth, impacted wisdom teeth and many more. In order to prevent other dental problems to be occurring due to infections or to prevent from dental diseases, the tooth pulling out procedure is required.

Tooth Extraction

Types of Tooth Extractions

Simple Tooth Extraction is carried out under local anesthetic to remove the tooth. A tooth removal procedure is performed using forceps to shake a tooth to fragment periodontal ligaments and push it out from the gums. It requires steady and slow pressure for tooth removal.

Surgical Tooth Extraction is required when the dentist has no alternatives to remove affected tooth easily. One should require oral dental surgery in such situation. It normally requires when a tooth does not break through the gum line completely or the tooth breaks under the gum line. The surgery requires incisions in the gums and requires cracking the tooth in many pieces to remove it easily.

There are different situation for different people that they need to go for tooth extraction as shown below.

Tooth Extraction for Damage Teeth

Periodontal Diseases – Due to periodontal disease such as extensive jawbone loss and gum issue and intense periodontal pockets, it badly affects tooth and need for its extraction. Above the age of 40 years, it becomes common problems to extract tooth due to bone loss affected by periodontal disease.

Wisdom or Impacted Teeth – Impacted teeth are the teeth when wisdom teeth do not erupt in proper position due to not enough space or other reasons. Normally, wisdom teeth make an impact on other teeth and grow into other molars or horizontally. If wisdom teeth are not impacted, then also it becomes known as a source of other dental problems.

Tooth Decay – Tooth damaging due to severe tooth decay that become not possible for dentist to restore through dental treatment such as dental crowning, filling and other treatment, it requires tooth extraction.

Cracked Teeth or Root – Sometimes due to mouth injuries or other reasons, if there is severe fracture that have cracked teeth or root which cannot possible to treat using root canal treatment or apicoectomy need extraction of a small part of the tooth.

Root Canal Failing – A root canal treatment is required to stop the infection from abscessed tooth or infected teeth. A failing of root canal treatment needs tooth extraction.

Tooth Extraction for Healthy Teeth

Some people need to remove healthy teeth due to different reasons such as orthodontic treatment, proper teeth eruption problem and many more.

Non-functional Teeth – In many children, if there baby teeth do not fall over the time; they need this procedure allows erupting the permanent teeth.

Orthodontic Treatment – People having teeth crowding problem need this treatment. Tooth crowding makes crooked teeth. Hence, it requires extraction of some teeth before placing braces to make space for the other teeth to shift into a proper position.

Denture Purpose – In people who have only a few teeth and not become enough stronger they need to pull them out in order to make complete denture. For people when their remaining teeth are not capable to support partial denture, they need a full denture. In such case, they need to remove their health teeth.

Other Reasons for Tooth Extraction

Infection Risk – In some therapy, such as organ transplant, chemotherapy and other treatment that weakens the immune system, it requires tooth extraction. If any tooth of person has a higher risk of infection need removal of teeth to prevent any major complications.

Cosmetics – People who have poor teeth appearance and tooth restoration is not possible need extraction of teeth.

Radiation Therapy – People suffering from neck and head cancer need radiation therapy which requires pulling out of some teeth in the radiation field if it becomes obstacles in the treatment.

Psychiatric Patient – Patient with severe psychiatric problems with a history of biting people need a tooth extraction for prevention purpose.

Cost Factor – Many people cannot afford costly dental treatment, if their dental disease is severe. In such cases, they have no alternate other than removal of their teeth.

Oral dental surgery is complicated for people who are suffering from other disease such as diabetes, blood pressure cardiac related or other problems. In such case, you should discuss your problems with your dentist before go for surgery in order to prevent any complication during or after surgery. You should also discuss with your surgeon about your medical complications or drug reactions if any for successful dental surgery.