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Gummy Smile

Dental Crown Lengthening, Solution For Your Gummy Smile

Does your gummy smile wreak havoc with your confidence and force to you to keep your mouth closed at all times!!
Do not lose heart, there is an effective solution for this predicament. Our high quality gummy smile treatment gives patients a radiant smile and restores their lost confidence.

When, your teeth are smaller than your gum area they appear disproportionate and mismatched giving rise to the term Gummy Smile. When you smile, onlookers see your prominent gums and nothing else, leaving you feeling embarrassed and self conscious. No wonder, patients suffering from such an issue are reluctant to show their exuberance and happiness.

What are the Reasons??

  • Abnormal teeth eruption
  • Upper jaw prominence
  • Hyperactive lip area muscles lifting the upper lips showing gums
  • Prominence of front teeth in upper jaw
  • Worn out teeth making them appear smaller than gum

The Treatment

We use the latest developments in dental technology to treat such cosmetic issues as the unappealing Gummy Smile! One method is the Crown Lengthening Treatment, which successfully adjusts the extra gum tissues along with underlying bone to give you the perfect smile that you crave. When required we use veneers or crowns with the lengthening procedure for enhancing the aesthetics of your teeth.

Set forward front teeth may be another cause for the Gummy Smile. Our orthodontic treatment that deals with realignment of teeth or use of crowns and jaw surgery are other available options. Different patients can suffer from this cosmetic issue for a variety of reasons. Our consulting dentists take time to diagnose their problems and then offer customised treatments that provide the proper results. Some cases may even need a surgical procedure on the lips of the individual for effectively treating the problem.

The Procedure

The procedure for effective treatment of Gummy Smile takes approximately 1-hour for completion. Stitches are removed after 1-week of treatment. In cases where the crown is present, it is necessary to have a 1 to 3 month waiting period before its attachment. Where jaw surgery is the recommended procedure or the use of dental braces, treatment time will be longer. However, this depends primarily on the root cause of the patient’s problem.

What are the Benefits?

The most positive feature about our Gummy Smile treatment is that the results are long lasting. You will enjoy the benefits of your treatment for a long time to come because this is no temporary solution. To ensure that everything goes smoothly and no complications arise any time, make sure that you do not miss any follow-up appointments or neglect prescribed maintenance. Your smile will improve substantially after the successful treatment of this dental issue and your enhanced smile will boost your confidence and self-esteem.