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Fluoride Treatment

Strengthening the teeth enamel is the best way to get protected against germs, keeping your chewing mechanism healthy for a long time. Monash Dental Group offers fluoride treatment to fight cavities and prevent tooth decay.

So, how does our treatment help?

Our fluoride treatment increases the resistance of your teeth against acid attacks, sugar, plaque and bacteria. Children will develop healthy and strong teeth — an asset for a lifetime.

Need for Fluoride Treatment:

The layer of the enamel covering your teeth is prone to different attacks, causing gradual decay. This leaves your teeth and gums open to germ attack.

With Monash Dental fluoride treatment, you make your teeth resistant to acid attack. They naturally they become less likely to decay in the future.

Kids below the age of 6 years can immensely benefit from our treatments.

Under the procedure, we incorporate fluoride into the permanent teeth, thus developing a stronger immunity and diminishing the chance of acid demineralisation.

Additionally, our procedures also help to speed up the re-mineralisation process. So, the damaged enamel layer re-grows once again offering premium protection to your teeth.

Besides the obvious, often the presence of specific conditions may also prompt us to prescribe fluoride treatment. These include;

  • Xerostomia: Dry mouth (Xerostomia) caused due to medications, or Sjogren’s syndrome which causes tooth decay can easily use our fluoride treatment for improved health of gums and teeth.
  • Frequent Cavities: We prescribe fluoride treatment to those who suffer from frequent cavity.
  • Gum Disease: With our suitable fluoride treatment, you can adequately protect your teeth from Gingivitis, which exposes your teeth to decay.

Treatment Procedure:

At Monash Dental Group, we use the latest techniques and equipments to ensure the absolute oral health of our clients. When you approach us, we analyse the present condition of your teeth and then prescribe a customised treatment plan.

A routine checkup will help us to evaluate your situation and offer you protective or remedial measures, if required.

a) Fluoride Treatment for Adults

In adults, the treatment involves filling the flavored fluoride in a specially prepared Mouth Guard. You will need to keep it inside your mouth for at least 4 min for the treatment to work correctly.

Once all set, we will remove your guard and request you to thoroughly rinse your mouth. Based on your present oral condition, we may also consider the use of foam or varnish for direct application on the teeth.

b) Fluoride Treatment for Children

When it comes to giving fluoride treatment to children, our qualified dentists take increased precautions to reduce negative effects, while encouraging benefits. Too much exposure to the fluoride in children may lead to fluorosis — a condition in which a brownish hue is formed on the teeth surface, causing decay.

In addition to the fluoride treatment at our clinic, we may prescribe fluoride gels, toothpaste, or supplements for at home use. After undergoing the fluoride treatment at Monash Dental Group, you must avoid smoking, drinking, or eating for at least 30 min.

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