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Dental Sealant

Sealants are plastic thin coatings painted on the chewing teeth surfaces. It is applied generally on the back teeth including the molars and the premolars. The sealant in liquid form, bonds quickly with grooves and depressions present on the tooth surface forming a protective coating over the enamel. They offer a painless and safe option to fight tooth decay. Moreover, these don’t dissolve due to saliva!

Need for Dental Sealants?

One cannot emphasize enough the need for using proper dental sealants in a professional setting. They block physical effects of the tooth decay from an early age by filling up grooves, a hotbed for bacterial growth. Teenagers and children are the best candidates when it comes to the use of sealants. However, even adults who do not have filling or decay in molars can also go for the procedure as a preventive care measure. Sealants on the permanent premolars and molars of children between the cavity prone ages of 6-14 can protect the teeth successfully.


As mentioned before, sealant application is a painless, safe and fast procedure.
Our dental professionals will take only a few minutes for application of the material on teeth.

  • The first step is a thorough cleaning of the teeth on which the sealant will be applied.
  • The second step is drying up of the tooth surface and placement of absorbent materials around them to ensure that they remain dry throughout.
  • Now our dentists apply an acidic solution on the biting surface of the teeth for roughening. Resultantly, the sealant will effortlessly bond with your teeth.
  • After this, the dentist again rinses and dries the tooth surface completely.
  • The final step is painting sealant layer on the teeth enamel, allowing it to point directly to the surface of the tooth and harden it, immediately.
  • Sometimes, dentists may use specialized curing lights for the sealant’s proper hardening.


Sealants are preventive coatings on the chewing teeth surfaces to prevent decay. They keep germs at bay. Teeth grooves in the molars and the premolars are quite small. Resultantly, it is difficult to clean them thoroughly and remove the plate from this area by using the toothbrush.

No wonder, these surfaces become a hotbed for plaque developments and resultant decay. Application of sealant can protect your teeth from such decay. Studies show that when used over teeth with minimal decay, sealants are effective in preventing further deterioration of the situation. Sealants will protect you against,

  • Oral Cancer
  • Gingivitis
  • Regular Tooth Decay


These dental sealants will last for 10 years maximum and for 2-4 years in general. However, regular checkups are necessary to maintain them and deal with chips and wearing. We will replace it when needed.

Post Care Tips:

When paired with daily two times brushing, use of fluoride toothpaste, healthy diet, and regular dental visits, there is nothing much to do regarding the sealants are such. Just enjoy complete teeth protection for the time being!

So, are you looking for a cost-effective way to protect your teeth from PLAQUE and DECAY? Contact our dental professionals to know more about Dental Sealants TODAY!