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Professional Dental Cleaning

At Monash Dental Group, we offer professional dental cleaning services to ensure dental health for the whole family. Our aim is to reinforce the oral hygiene routines that you follow. This also gives us a chance to diagnose the problem areas in your mouth and prescribe a suitable treatment.

We consider your specific oral health requirements when selecting a dental cleaning routine. We believe that professional cleaning once every 6 months is ideal to maintain a healthy oral hygiene. Combined with good home oral care regime our dental cleaning solutions will ensure you are maintaining an optimal level of oral hygiene.

Why You Need Professional Cleaning?

Even the best brushing and flossing regimen may prove to be ineffective when it comes to the removal of tartar, staining, plaque, or calculus. So, to get rid of this potentially harmful build up on your teeth and gums, we recommend professional dental cleaning.

The Procedure

By visiting our dentists, you can improve your oral hygiene and sustain the results long-term. Our professionals will,

  • Remove tartar or plaque deposits
  • Perform deep scaling for the removal of calculus deposits
  • Final polishing leaving surfaces smooth & clean

Scaling is designed to remove tartar or plaque from the most difficult to reach places in your oral cavity, even from the teeth set at an awkward angle. Finally, polishing smoothens out the surface of your teeth and as a result, making it difficult for bacteria to cling to the teeth surface. We also apply fluoride to the surface of the teeth and this helps to protect and strengthen them.

So, What Are The Benefits?

While dental cleaning procedure at Monash Dental cannot replace the regular oral hygiene at home, it can help sustain your good habits and lengthen the life of your teeth.

  • Maintain good dental hygiene, always
  • Advice on the best way to floss/brush
  • Understand the need for a healthy diet and its role in keeping teeth STRONG and FREE FROM DECAY.

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