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Dental Checkup

Do you know what the best method is to keep your teeth HEALTHY and PROBLEM FREE? Regular dental checkup is the best way to achieve this. Maintain your dazzling smile while keeping your gums and teeth in stellar condition! Tooth decay and gum diseases make themselves known under professional examination. This signifies timely detection and treatment helping you to avoid costly procedures later.

At Monash Dental Group, Our professionals provide outstanding services to make you have clean, healthy gums and teeth. We take the time to understand your requirements in a relaxed and unhurried environment. Gentle examination, which causes minimum discomfort, and quick to identify even the minutest of problems, this is our USP. Dental checkups allow proper diagnosis of any underlying problems related to your teeth and help us to draw a plan customised to your needs.

Need for Dental Checkup

One cannot emphasize enough the need for regular dental checkups at our clinic. It allows us to look closely at your,

  • Oral Cavity
  • Gums
  • Teeth

Resultantly if there is presence of abscesses or cavities, we can identify them quickly and prescribe proper treatments to deal with such issues successfully and to prevent a worse scenario in the future. This kind of dental checkup also involves cleaning of teeth and this has its own benefits. The regular teeth examination is necessary for everybody including children and adults because such routine checkups signify far-reaching beneficial consequences.


It is important to remember that dental checkup is a thorough and time-consuming process. Our dental professionals give you enough time and attention to ensure comprehensive examination.

  • Comprehensive gum & teeth examination
  • Use of dental x-rays or intraoral radiographs
  • Extra oral and intraoral photography

In order to reach conclusive decisions regarding the condition of your teeth, our professionals use the latest innovations and dental techniques to ensure the best diagnosis and solution for you. Use of intraoral radiographs and x-ray procedures allow us to get an in-depth knowledge of the condition of your teeth root and bone, identify cavities and the general health of your teeth. Based on this we can prescribe treatments and create dental plans, which will prove to be beneficial in your case. Manual examination can only penetrate the superficial layer of your teeth but through x-rays and radiographs, we can really identify underlying issues. This is mostly an annual routine and we will do as many that seem feasible for ensuring correct diagnosis. When we come across a cavity or various issues, we will schedules an appointment with you for treating the same.


  • Timely diagnosis & treatment
  • Prevent aggravation of situation
  • Keep the treatment costs low
  • Get appropriate advice & tips

We will ensure that every visit is a premium dental checkup in a relaxed environment, it will NEVER seem like an ordeal. With years of experience in dealing with patients of every age, dentist at Monash Dental Group can help you with customised treatment plans that suit you completely. Our plans come with thorough cost breakdowns to help you with a complete understanding of what we have in store for you.