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Dental Checkup and Clean

The best method to keep your teeth healthy and problem free is with regular dental checkups. Maintain your dazzling smile while keeping your gums and teeth in great condition! Tooth decay and gum diseases are revealed under professional examination. This signifies timely detection and treatment helping you to avoid costly procedures later.

At Monash Dental Group our professional dentists provide outstanding services for clean teeth and healthy gums. We take the time to understand your needs in a relaxed and unhurried environment. Dental checkups allow proper diagnosis of any underlying problems related to your teeth and help us draw a treatment plan customised to your needs.

One cannot emphasize enough the need for regular dental checkups at our clinic. If cavities are present, we can identify them quickly and prescribe proper treatments to deal with such issues successfully and prevent a worse scenario in the future. This kind of dental checkup also involves cleaning of teeth and this has its own benefits.

Checkups include:

– Comprehensive gum & tooth examination
– Examination of other soft tissues and cancer screening
– Use of dental x-rays or intraoral radiographs


– Timely diagnosis & treatment
– Prevention of oral disease
– Prevents more costly treatments in the future
– Personalised advice & recommendations

We will ensure your every visit is painless and relaxed. With years of experience in dealing with patients of every age, our dentists at Monash Dental Group can help you with customised treatment plans that suit you completely. Treatment plan options and estimated costs for each option are always discussed and presented to you.