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Teeth Whitening – Different Ways To Get Pearly Smile

A part of cosmetic dentistry, teeth whitening is one of the most popular dental treatments desired by several people of late. There are several high profile figures, like Hollywood stars, flashing dazzling smiles. This has encouraged the average person to possess and replicate the same pearly smile.

Teeth Whitening

Fortunately, it does not cost much and a professional and experienced cosmetic dentist can give you this great looking white teeth. Coming to the options available for teeth whitening, there are gamut of whitening techniques available that can be opted for suiting your budget and requirement. This piece of the post is dedicated to offer you a brief insight into various options available including the brief on how teeth get stained, to start with.

Teeth Discoloring Truth

For a few people, teeth could just naturally be darker, but for majority of people there are various factors that are accountable for yellow shade. The most common cause of stain teeth is wrong diet. Tea, coffee including wine is prominent cause and the fact is people are habitual of taking almost every day all these drinks across the globe. In addition, colas and sweet desserts, and some food high in sugar also contributes to teeth staining. We cannot ward off these food but we can at least reduce its intake for our teeth and health.

Teeth Whitening Options At Home

There is great range of whitening products available for purchase from chemists, or even supermarkets. There is no guarantee of their being effective and zeroing in to a good one can really be a herculean task.

Still an effective way is to get a professional kit of home whitening prepared by your Cosmetic Dentist. Your dentist will have a mould of your teeth and create a ‘tray’ shaped tool to be re-useable befitting your mouth. Now you need to line this tray with a good quality whitening gel. Based on the whitening solution prescribed, the trays should be worn for just a couple of hours or often overnight also to get the desired results.

Professional Procedure

The most popular procedure that is done by your dentist to whiten your teeth is termed as ‘scale and polish’. It is a temporary procedure with a potential of cleaning your teeth and making them appear whiter.

Due to temporary relief this may not be the long terms deal solution. You need to frequently visit your dentist for scaling and polishing every time you feel your teeth need cleaning up which will cost you lot of money.

Laser Whitening

In this process of whitening, a laser is facilitated along with a light activated whitening gel. Such a procedure would require two sitting of consultations – one to brief the process and analyze if you are the right candidate and a second one to perform the procedure. In laser whitening, you can have instantaneous results.

In this process your face and gums are initially protected from the laser using shields and then the whitening gel is administered to your teeth. These rays are targeted at each part of your tooth activating the gel and cleaning and whitening your teeth during this process.

Eventually at the end of the procedure, the cosmetic dentist will decide how many shades lighter your teeth require and how many are adequate. In this process also the outcomes are spontaneous; your teeth may require several procedures to acquire the desired shade. Albeit, this process is not permanent but it is a better and long lasting vis-a-vis scaling and polishing.