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Needs and Procedure for Partial and Complete Dentures

Are you upset because you have lost your natural teeth? Professionally fitted dentures can restore your appearance and the functionality of your teeth. Since these dentures will be expertly crafted to match the color and shape of any existing teeth you may have, they will never appear added on or mismatched. Improve your smile and overall appearance dramatically with a little help from professionals.



Dentures are appliances that replace missing teeth. dentists use them to replace a single tooth, multiple teeth, or all of your teeth, depending on your individual needs. The denture base has a metal or acrylic plate with an acrylic cap on top. These are made to order based upon the natural colour and appearance of the patient’s original teeth. Dentures may be of two types,

  • Partial Denture: Fills in places for lost or missing teeth
  • Full Denture: Replacing the full set of teeth on the upper/lower jaw

Precision attachments are the devices or the metal attachments that allow anchoring of the dentures to your natural teeth.

The Need for Dentures

If you have lost your teeth due to gum disease, injury, or decay, dentures can provide you with a way to restore the functionality and appeal of your natural teeth so you can smile with confidence, once again. Lost teeth can lead to sagging facial muscles, making you appear older than your age. Furthermore, there will be limitations with your speech and chewing ability, which in turn, may give rise to other issues such as lisping and indigestion.

Types of Dentures

Partial Dentures :

A partial denture is removable and is made with replacement teeth that are attached to a flesh coloured plastic base. This base has an attached metal framework that holds the dentures in place. dentists use partial dentures when there are natural teeth remaining in the lower or upper jaw.

An additional option to removable partial dentures is dental implants that can support bridges that are permanently cemented in place. This option is more costly, and not suitable for all patients, but it approximates the feel of natural teeth better than removable dentures.

Complete Dentures

There are two types of complete dentures, namely, immediate and conventional dentures.

  • Conventional Dentures :
    Fabricated subsequent to the removal of all tooth fragments and the healing of gum tissue. Conventional dentures can be used approximately ten weeks subsequent to the removal of remaining tooth fragments, because the patient cannot be fitted for them until the gums have healed and there is no more inflammation present.
  • Immediate Dentures:
    This type of denture can be used immediately after the removal of the teeth remaining in the oral cavity. Immediate dentures can be fabricated in advance. Therefore, the patient will have teeth during the process of healing. Nevertheless, during the healing process the shape of the gums and jaw bones will change. This will necessitate adjustments to these dentures to ensure a proper fit. Normally, immediate dentures are for temporary use, until conventional dentures are able to be fabricated.