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Gum Contouring: Reshape Your Gums for A Beautiful Smile

Gum contouring is a cosmetic dental procedure where the aim of treatment is to improve the general appearance of the teeth of a person.This treatment is considered primarily in cases where the patient presents with what is commonly known as ‘gummy smile’.

A gummy smile describes a clinical situation where a high percentage of gum tissue is covering a person’s front teeth. This can be caused by genetic factors, health conditions or as a side-effect to some medications. People who are not satisfied with their existing smiles may approach dentists for undergoing the process.While there is no medical reason for undergoing gum contouring, the procedure is quite successful in improving aesthetics and restoring the self-confidence of people.


Gum contouring signifies transformation of your uneven gum line into an even one through cosmetic surgical procedures. Other names for it are tissue sculpting and gum reshaping. This corrective surgery is quite successful in the treatment of a gummy smile, which can significantly influence the confidence of an individual.


Your dentist is qualified to perform gum contouring surgery, which typically requires the use of a scalpel, however the use of advanced techniques such as laser devices is also quite common. Both scalpel and lasers remove away the extra tissue layer overlying teeth and causing the gummy smile. This is a painless process involving the use of local anesthesia. It is a relatively efficient procedure especially when done with the help of laser techniques. Use of the laser also allows sealing away the blood vessels opened during the procedure.

Your dentist may also consider the use of crowns or veneers for getting you that picture perfect smile.


Healing of the contoured gums may take a few days to some weeks based on the degree of invasion in the region. Your dentist will provide specific directions for taking proper care in the postsurgical situation as well as follow-up appointments. You need to follow the directions given by your dentist for proper brushing at this time. It is important to allow your gums to heal completely.