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Dental Crowns – Needs and Material Used

Dental crown can be termed as a kind of dental reconstruction – tooth-shaped cover – that is fixed over a tooth to cap the tooth with an intention to redefine its strength, shape and size, and enhancement in the overall appearance of the tooth.

When the crowns are plastered in its place, it completely encases the visible part of the tooth that is visible on the gum line.

After it’s placed, the crown is considered as the tooth’s improved look. On the other hand, the dental filling is used just to fill in or pack a part of the eroded tooth.

These dental crowns are perennially fixed into place. This tooth-crown is treated, cared and functions similar to a natural tooth.

Dental Crown

When you Need a Dental Crown?

There could be several occasions when you may require having dental crown. The multiple reasons that may routinely require dentists to use dental crowns could be:

  • Consolidate and repair damaged or eroded teeth.
  • Catapult the overall look of teeth, which may include shape, color, and often apparent delineation.
  • Dental crown might be required to guard a weak tooth from getting damaged, developing cavities, from cracking and breaking or often to hold together the cracked segments of a tooth
  • To reconsolidate an already broken or cracked tooth
  • To restore a tooth that has comprehensively been worn down
  • To support and cap a tooth requiring a large filling when a small part of tooth is left
  • To support a dental bridge in place
  • To save severely damaged or discolored teeth
  • To cap a dental implant
  • To consider a cosmetic modification

In children, a crown can be of essence on primary teeth with an aim to:

  • Restore a tooth that cannot be supported by filling due to severe damage
  • Protect the teeth of a toddler, who is at a high risk for tooth decay, particularly when the child is not able to maintain a good oral or regular hygiene
  • To diminish the effect of sedation and general anesthesia in children who are not able to maintain a good dental health due to age, behavior, or any medical history

Under these circumstances, a pediatric dentist is supposed to suggest a stainless steel crown.

Type of material used in Dental Crown

Crowns are made with, more often than not, two types of components:

  • Porcelain or some other kind of ceramic used in dental science
  • Or it could also be of metal alloy like a gold, silver or other priceless and expensive or often inexpensive alloy
  • In addition, the crowns could also manifest a fusion of metal alloy and dental ceramic – porcelain-combined -to-metal dental crowns to offer it better strength

All the above kind of dental crowns is packed with its separate characteristics, benefits and disadvantages, and hence their applications differ in each case.

Above said are the most prominent and precise piece of intelligence that you need to have the understanding of, if you are opting for dental crowns for any obvious reasons. We will discuss in our next post about some other aspect of dental crown to unfold the basics of dental science!

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