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Reasons For Earlier Tooth Lost In Kids And Appropriate Solutions

In children, the primary sets of teeth start losing around the age of six years. Normally children lost their baby teeth during age group of six to twelve years. Many children in the world are suffering from premature tooth loss due to different reasons such as dental caries, trauma, injuries, or other diseases. Periodontal disease, a gum infection can also cause for earlier teeth loose. Children with diabetes can also have chances for premature tooth shedding. Mouth injuries during sports or due to an accident that involve mouth trauma can also become a reason for an early loss of teeth in kids. Consult an expert Children Dentist, as soon as you found earlier tooth loss in your child.

Children Dentistry

In this blog, we describe some helpful solutions to earlier tooth lost in kids.

Solutions – Premature Tooth Lost in Kids

  • Proper dental care that includes frequent visits at kids Teeth Specialist for cleaning teeth. A professionally clean teeth using the latest tools to brush and floss helps in protecting the periodontal disease. The periodontal disease may cause the premature tooth loss.
  • Wear a mouth guard or helmets as a protective equipment to protect your child from mouth trauma or injury during sports activities.
  • Diabetic children are at higher risk reduction in bone density. It is essential for them to take preventive care for jaw osteonecrosis and osteoporosis, if require. Careful watch of bone density is essential for such children. Children dentist can provide precise solutions for earlier tooth lost.
  • There are some diseases that cause early tooth loss in kids such as metabolic disorders, defective cellular enzymes existence, immunological problems, blood disease and many more. You should know your child’s physical disorder and take assistance from children dentistry for the right type of diagnosis.
  • Certain gum diseases can also cause tooth lost. When you observe symptoms like bleeding, redness in your kid’s gums, you should consult with Periodontist for proper treatment at the right time.

Children who lost their baby teeth earlier have more chances to lose their permanent teeth in early ages. Therefore, stay attentive about dental health. Regular dental checkups keep your child away from painful dental diseases. Educate your child some basics of oral hygiene. For healthy growth of your children, prevent them from unhealthy dental habits and diet habits.