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Most Witnessed Dental Problem in Kids, Age Between 5-15

In a human being, there are two sets of teeth in which the first is a baby or primary teeth while the other is permanent or secondary teeth. In kids, teeth will start appearing around age of 6 to 8 months and at age of 3 , all 20 teeth take place. While permanent teeth start to grow just about 6 years of age and present most of teeth around age of 12 to 14 years except wisdom teeth. Therefore, during age group of 5 -15 years, you should take extra care of your kid’s oral hygiene and should regularly visit the specialist dentist for kids to ensure your kids have disease free gums and teeth. Visiting the Kids dentist for regular checkups will prevent your child from development of any major tooth problems from the initial growth.

Kids Dentist

Here we have described some most common dental problems occurs in kids between the age group of 5 to 15 years.

Tooth Decay or Tooth Caries

Although tooth decay is a preventable disease, it can be one of the reasons to remove your permanent teeth. When we drink or eat sugary foods, our teeth bacteria turn it into acid that affects the enamel. Normally, Salvia neutralized this acid over some time. But, if any child continues eating lots of sugary drinks or foods, their teeth expose more acid and it increases tooth decay or caries.

Food with rich carbohydrate such as soft drinks, candy, chocolates, cookies normally cause tooth decay if you ignore dental care. Initially, it will not pain your child but, if left unchecked, it starts developing a bigger hole and become very painful. Therefore, prevent it at an initial stage to protect your child’s teeth.

Periodontal or Gum Disease

For healthy teeth, gums play an important role as it protects the bone which holds teeth strongly. Gum disease is the major reason for tooth loss in old age. Gum can make bone damage, inflammation, and tooth loss. It starts with a sticky bacteria layer known as plaque. Plaque can form a strong layer on teeth if not remove by brushing regularly. This layer is called tartar which is very hard and need to consult a children’s dentist on time for its prevention.

In early stage, gum disease becomes swollen and red and bleeds easily. This disease can prevent by regular brushing and flossing. If you find bad taste or bad breath in mouth, you should immediately consult your kids Teeth Specialist.

Sensitive Teeth

When your child yelped at the time of eating cold or hot foods or drinks, she or he might be suffering from sensitive teeth. Those children, who do not brush properly, there will be chances of cavities or tooth decay that cause their teeth sensitive.

Even, brush with extra force also causes to wear away the hard enamel outer layer of a child’s tooth that exposes a layer of dentin. When cold or hot things touch the dentin, it activates the tooth’s nerves and cause pain. When it goes extreme, breathing cold air become also painful for the child. Teach your children proper dental hygiene to prevent them from sensitive teeth. Take your kids to experienced children dentist for health awareness.

Orthodontic Problems

Some children have problems such as overlapping or crowded teeth, jaw and tooth problems known as orthodontist problems. There are some reasons such as early losing baby teeth, tooth decay, accidents, thumb sucking habits can cause the jaw and tooth problems in children. Such orthodontic problems can treat by an Orthodontist.

The smile of your child is very precious. To prevent your child’s healthy smile, keep his or her teeth healthy. Regular and proper brushing, use of the right type of brush and toothpaste and visit your dentist for regular checkups are some remedies of a healthy smile of your child.