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Dentist For Children In Melbourne

The Monash Dental Group has been providing dental care for kids and adolescents for many years now. Founded by Dr. Arthur Batzios and Dr. Adel Zayed, the Monash Dental Group encourages you to visit and let us keep your children’s teeth and gums in good shape.

For better children’s dental health, you should bring your kids to us for a checkup. We boast of state-of-the-art equipment that enables us to provide effective dental care for children. So they feel at home when they are at the Monash Dental Group, we have a fun environment.

Also, our dentists are pretty good at communicating with children. We recommend that every parent take their kids to the dentist starting from the age of 2 and keep the visits consistent because regular visits can ensure healthy teeth and gums for kids. You should know that there is also a correlation between oral health and overall health, too.

There is nothing to worry about if your youngster is nervous about visiting the dentist. At Monash Dental Group, we have the office that all kids feel at home in. Please, call us at 03 9544 8241 to book an appointment.

We also provide parents with necessary advice on how to keep their children’s’ teeth and gums healthy at home. Remember, those adults who have poor dental health and oral hygiene, did not take proper care of their teeth at an early age. You, as a parent can ensure your child’s dental health by starting the habit of seeing a dentist as early as possible.

Keep in mind that your kids first visit to a dentist should be a fun experience. The first visit will have a lasting impact on your kid and on how they are going to feel about the dentists and dental care throughout the rest of their lives. So, the first visit should be to someplace that excels in children’s dental care. The Monash Dental Group provides excellence in kids dental care and encourages all parents in Melbourne to have an appointment.

Give us a call at 03 9544 8241.

Furthermore, make sure your children are doing the right thing at home for oral health. We recommend:

  • Children intake less sugar
  • Children brush the proper way
  • They get a sufficient amount of fluoride (through drinking water)

Offering friendly, caring and pain-free children dental care in Melbourne, we assure you that your kids will be in good hands when it comes to dental health for kids. For more details about dental care for kids, call us today at 03 9544 8241.